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Tim's Air Navigation Simulator

Control Function
Mouse Click/Drag on the Map Move the airplane, the transmitters, or change the wind vector (if in wind mode)
" Click the Buttons Change the vector (OBS) for the instrument (except the RMI, DG)
Keyboard Up & Down Arrows Increase or decrease the airplane speed (60-300 kt - my future Lancair IVP)
" Left and Right Arrows Increase or decrease turn rate (deg/sec)
" Space Bar Instantly set the turn rate to zero
" Enter Reposition transmitters to original positions - useful if you've moved them off the map
" R Toggle radials on & off (dark colors = from side of VORs, light colors = TO side of VORs)
" 1 or 2 Switch instrument 1 or 2 between VOR, HSI, ADF, RMI, DG, or Text
" W Toggle Wind mode (shown in status line) - when in wind mode you can click/drag on the map to change the wind vector
" P Pause the animation (wind and airplane motion) - you can still rotate the instruments and drag the plane
" T Trace - start/stop a trail of dots showing the airplane's path
" H Hide - stop/start displaying the airplane and trace
" L Lost - randomly reposition the airplane on the map - most useful when the plane is hidden

Coming soon:
Several of you have asked if it is ok to put a link on your sites pointing here - no problem!
I decided to write this applet in order to learn java - it's my first java applet! I am also considering getting an instrument rating and thought
this would be a good way to really sharpen my understanding of air navigation.
Please send me your comments! - Tim Carlson (mim@visi.com)